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Mechanical technician

Whom are we looking for?

You are an ambitious and motivated person, planning to build a career in an extremely interesting and innovative environment of automation, machine manufacturing and logistical solutions.
You are technically skilled. This means that you are technically trained or have sufficient experience.
Working within a team suits you just as much as working independently.

You are responsible for the assembly of machines for industrial production and logistics designed by our engineering department.
Based on work drawings you assemble the machines with the parts that are delivered to you.
Afterwards, you carry out trial tests and are responsible for the quality of the work delivered.
You will assist with both the start-up and the commissioning of the machine.

What we offer you:

A fulltime position.
39 working hours/week, traveling hours from and to our clients' locations are reimbursed, overtime when necessary.
40% of the time you will work in-house, 60% you will work on location at our clients.
Competitive salary.

Do you want to join our team? 

Informing you about your career opportunities

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Liesbeth Doms


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