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Gebroeders DOMS located in Brecht is an SME specialized in mechanical engineering and automation. Our mission is to successfully innovate and automate the end-of-line processes in production plants and warehouses worldwide.

What characterizes us? The highest level of technology, a single point of contact for your entire project, and a highly customer-oriented approach. The combination of more than 30 years of experience and our urge to be an innovator makes us an established value and a reliable partner for companies in many production industries.

Manufacturing solutions

Since 1980

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We are a firm believer in improving ourselves to reach higher quality and innovative solutions for our clients.

Thus maintaining and developing our expertise is key. 


Our solutions for your facility

Each product is scalable and can be configured for low, mid, or high rate applications and are appropriate for small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors.

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The RoboPAL system is designed to fulfil industry requirements. A standardized modular soft- and hardware platform based upon experience. This know-how brings a solution rather than engineering challenges to your production facility.


By installing the robot on a track, the working area is expanded. So more pallet positions or work range for your robots. 

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With the Automated Guided Vehicle DROID we manufacture solutions ranging from a single vehicle to integrated multi-AGV systems. 

This adaptable intralogistics brings flexibility to your factory layout.


Seeking that competitive edge in pallet logistics? With CONVEY we developed our own standard. Using our full experience your factory layout will become a clear and streamlined process.

Products specifically for the printing industry.

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A new way of feeding developed for the cardboard industry.

The new TS PREFEEDER accomplishes many jobs in one go: 

vacuum controlled blank separating, smooth 180° blank turning and pressureless feeding.

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After the blanks run through the folder-gluer the batch separator stacks the blanks into consistent batches with the same amount of blanks.

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From metal constructor to automator

Gebroeders DOMS was founded in 1980 as a two-person company. We started as an integrator of milking machines in agriculture. Soon this led to the creation of mechanical parts and metal constructions in the civil landscape and infrastructure. 

In the 1990's we shifted focus to the general industry by building custom-engineered constructions and machines such as turntables, shuttles, and pile turners for the printing industry. We started using AutoCAD, Inventor to engineer the machines in 3D designs and we added an electrical department where we design and manufacture the switchboards in-house. 

Over the years we kept expanding our workshop by investing in machinery to produce the mechanical parts. In the 2000s our existing factory became too small. We took the step to relocate to Brecht, and prepared for the future. The bigger location gives us the space to house a sheet metal shop with a new laser cutting machine. Even a bigger advantage is that it gave us space to not only build machines but also total end-of-line intralogistical solutions. 

Robotics entered our picture in the 2010s. As a pilot project we installed a welding robot in our workshop. After learning the programming language we started including robots in our solutions. (De-)palletising with robots has more flexibility, for example when our client starts using a different size product, we can program different stacking patterns and adapt the installation on a software level without changes to the structures or hardware. 

2020 is the era of the AGV's. After building shuttles and automated vehicles we wanted to work with a new kind of navigation, navigation that doesn't require any markings, tags of magnets, only an eye to see its surroundings. We found this in sensor navigation, the AGV maps the space, once the space is mapped the AGV locates itself within the map and sees changes that occur in this map. 

By adding a loading station on the trajectory of the AGV, there is no more limit to having a constant electric source. 

We named these new AGV the Droid. The Droids make for a flexible solution and allows the client to restructure or reorganise without major changes and costs to their facility, 

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