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Siemens Gebroeders DOMS original equipment manufacturer

Automated Guided Vehicles for the production industry

The benefits of AGV's are many: 

better warehousing efficiency, streamlined logistics management, limited labour costs, increased delivery speeds, streamlined logistics management, superior overall warehousing efficiency, heightened product quality, and reduced risk of workplace injury, to name just a few. 

When integrated into facility automation and control systems, AGV's become integral to achieving digitalisation and smart factory goals.


Tailored engineering

Made-to-measure your product and environment

Our standard is manufactured to your facility and your industry-needs. From tailor-made engineering up to the electrical, mechanical and software afterlife,

our team designs the right solution for you. 

Load handling

Custom automatic load transfer decks

Virtual commissioning

Digital production twin

Virtual commissioning permits simulating capacity and validating the DROIDS in a virtual environment beforehand. This to confirm that they will work as expected and significantly reduce system installation cost and start-up time.


The hard- and software configuration

Standard hardware with tailored application software

The SIMOVE automation platform by Siemens is a standardised solution of AGV application, which uses standard automation and drives components plus tailored application software. As a result, it makes system extension easy via open interfaces and third-party integration with navigation software. 

This platform offers a dashboard for KPI-monitoring, determining the optimal dispatch order per AGV, route information including the status and location of each AGV, system alarms and equipment diagrams. It integrates several AGV disciplines into one common system: combining automation and navigation on one common hardware platform; using appropriate operating systems such as Linux for PC-based navigation and control on the PLC for automation; and integrated safety supporting PROFIsafe.

Simultaneous Localisation & Mapping

SLAM, natural feature navigation

Localisation and mapping can be feature-based or gridmap-based. The former engages with a map of features present in the environment that can be used for navigation and offers the best accuracy while being the least computational and memory-demanding. 

When path-planning is preferred or even required, gridmap presents a more advantageous solution.

Different track guided navigations

Each situation poses its unique challenges


 Combining various guiding navigations can be preferable in some situations.

In addition to the classical track guided navigation systems, Simultaneous Localisation & Mapping (SLAM) offers a more flexible solution.


Fleet management

Keeping track of your Droids

By managing your fleet, you stay on top of system states such as alerts, KPI-calculations, energy meters, shift management, material track and trace, predictive maintenance, etc. 

We can organise the fleet management PC- of PLC-based.


experience the flexibility of DROID

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