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Pallet transport, bulk or packaging transport or material handling. Our transport systems deliver superior performance.

Robotics significantly increases the performance of your production lines. Our (palletising) robots are ultra-precise and deliver the desired return-on-investment.

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.


The backbone of material handling

Transport systems are the backbone of any material handling system.

We like to combine our expertise with your product knowledge in order to achieve the most efficient transport system.

We start with your practical question regarding production capacity, cost, and efficiency.

Our engineers design each element to measure and take maximum account of the properties of your product. Whether it's car parts, oil drums, clay, bottles, raw sugar, ice creams, luggage, ... Because our transport solution must perfectly match the dimensions and characteristics of your products and seamlessly connect to the machines or robotics in your production cells. This is not only cost-effective but also pleasant for your employees.


Belt conveyors

Various belting options

Our belt conveyors come in a variety of materials, chosen to fit your product needs.

Roller conveyors

Crates, boxes, polybags and pallets

Roller conveyors are widely used in manufacturing facilities and warehouses, they are ideal for heavy load conveying and buffering.


Chain conveyors

Rugged, durable conveyors

Chain conveyor systems are rugged, durable conveyors used to transport products. They are suited to many items that wouldn’t typically convey on a roller conveyor. Therefore, typical uses are to move pallets, racks, industrial containers, and any products with a sturdy lower surface.

Slat conveyors

Rigid, flat surface

The slat conveyor is most useful for heavy products that would normally damage most conveyors, as well as for hot or dangerous items.

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Equipped with roller or chain conveyors as product carriers

A turntable changes the direction of motion of the transported cargo.

Another use for the turntables are the wrapping and/or strapping of full pallets.

Pallet lifts

Transport between factory floors

Lift heavy items, pallets, carts, and anything else between different factory floor.

Interne logistiek goederenlift vecticaal

Transfer cars

Transferring the goods between lines

Transfer cars are moving devices enabling seamless change of the transport position of an element between individual lines of the transport route. 

A transfer loading station can be equipped with roller conveyors, chain conveyors, and turntables. 

Pallet (de)stackers

The solutions for feeding pallets

The pallet (de)stacker collects and feeds pallets to the robot where the (de)palletizing happens.

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