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Pallet transport, bulk or packaging transport or material handling. Our transport systems deliver superior performance.

Robotics significantly increases the performance of your production lines. Our (palletising) robots are ultra-precise and deliver the desired return-on-investment.

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.

automation, robotics, palletizing, palletising, enineering, conveying
The RoboPAL system is designed to fulfil industry requirements. 
A standardised modular soft and hardware platform based upon experience.
This know-how brings a solution rather than engineering challenges to your production facility.

Automatic palletizing will increase your production throughput and decrease your intra-logistical challenges while adding traceability to the process. Thus bringing digital integration to your end-of-line process.


End-of-line handling and palletisation

After 30 years of experience in in-house logistics, we noticed that the demand from the market for a total solution is growing all the time. This especially in material handling, end-of-line handling and palletisation. An ever-recurring technology in these applications is robotics that has been successfully applied in these and other applications for years. 

Gebroeders DOMS integrate this technology under their own management. In Fanuc we found an innovative partner with a similar philosophy and 60 years of experience in the field. As an official "Fanuc Integrator" we can guide you through this alliance in your robotics applications.

robotica robotcel palletisering.jpg



We specialize mainly in palletising and

de-palletising with the help of robotics. This enables us to supply fully automated palletisation lines.

automation, robotics, palletizing, palletising, enineering, conveying

Machine manufacturing


Your robot-cell must be precisely fitted into your installations. 

We take care of the integration and possible adjustments to your logistics equipment or machines.

Right up to and including a completely renewed factory layout.


End-of-arm effector


The end-of-arm tool is developed to measure your products.

We always make sure that it is possible to process a large variety of the product without any changeover times.

Offline programming and simulation

Digital twin

Every installation starts as a virtual concept or digital twin. This gives us the opportunity to simulate before a physical cell is built.


System training

Hands-on practice

During this course, your operators will be introduced to the basic functionality after which it will be supplemented by hands-on practice sessions.

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