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Pallet transport, bulk or packaging transport or material handling. Our transport systems deliver superior performance.

Robotics significantly increases the performance of your production lines. Our (palletising) robots are ultra-precise and deliver the desired return-on-investment.

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.

Machine manufacturing

Custom machines for custom jobs

By developing innovative machines, we increase productivity, but also safety and ergonomics for your operators.

We create solutions such as a plate cleaner, a prefeeder or a drum-turner for faster production and material handling.

From machines that are placed in your production line that automate a certain operation to machines that fit in a case and can be assembled to a tool for your service team. Our Research and Development department is always working on developing new and better solutions for the production or maintenance of your product.

TS prefeeder

many jobs in one go: 

vacuum controlled blank separating, smooth 180° blank turning and pressureless feeding.

This unit reduces intensive labour and ensures smooth feeding of blanks into the feeder of folder-gluers and window patchers.

The TS PREFEEDER turns blanks upside down, shingles them perfectly, avoids sticking and provides a buffer for independent operation, all achieved in a small footprint.

automation, robotics, palletizing, palletising, enineering, conveying

Batch separator

for the printing industy

After the blanks run through the folder-gluer,

the batch separator stacks the blanks into consistent batches with the same amount of blanks.

automation, robotics, palletizing, palletising, enineering, conveying


turning drums 180° or 90°

To make the production process safer and more efficient, the part within the installation where the drums are turned is automated. Large, heavy drums that may vary in height, are filled and fitted with a lid. They are then moved by a conveyor and must be turned upside down before they can be finally closed (pressed). This turnaround is automated by a drum turner.

The drum-turner is designed according to the turning position of the drums, the installation space, the drums themselves and their maximum weight. 


Given the often large masses, safety must also be kept in mind. No dangerous situations may occur in the event of a breakdown or emergency stop. The vessel must always remain securely clamped. The drum-turner offers a solution for a large - synchronized - power development with minimal installation space and attention to the safety of the employees and the installation.

Plate cleaner

by Geboeders DOMS for BOBST

Design and realisation by Gebroeders DOMS for BOBST.

The plate cleaner is a patented portable pneumatic round sander according to the NENEN-ISO 11148-8 standard. This plate cleaner is specifically designed to clean the plates of a punching machine.


Punching machines consist of a top and bottom plate between which there is a narrow, difficult to reach space. Therefore we have given the plates cleaner a chassis that is equipped with an integrated pneumatic lift system. This lift system pushes the sanding discs with an adjustable pressure against the plates. A built-in synchronization system ensures that the sanding discs are always level.


The machine is designed so that it is easy to dismantle and can be stored in the custom-made storage case.

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