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Continuous smooth feeding

The new Turning and Seperating prefeeder, many jobs in one go:

vacuum controlled blank separating, smooth 180° blank turning and pressureless feeding. 

This unit reduces intensive labour and ensures smooth feeding of blanks into the feeder of folder-gluers and window patchers. 

The TS prefeeder turns blanks upside down, shingles them perfectly, avoids sticking and provides a buffer for independent operation, all achieved in a small footprint.

High-speed feeding

up to 120 000 medium-sized blanks/h

Speed up to150 000 pcs/h

Blank width 180 ... 600 mm

Blank length 140 ... 450 mm

Stack height 50 ... 350 mm

20190241 - Prefeeder hoek verder vooraan


To buffer blanks for independent operation.


To turn the blanks upside down and continuously feed them. 


To release the blanks into the feeding tray of the folder-gluer or window patcher, equipped with height measurement to ensure a constant stack height. 


Easy-to-operate interface with preprogrammed standards.

The TURNING and SEPARATING PREFEEDER consists of a feeding belt with a lift and vacuum picker. In front of the TS PREFEEDER is a buffering belt on which the operator can place stacks of blanks to ensure independent operation. 

Key features

Challenge us

with a testrun of your blanks

Because actions speak louder than words we want you to challenge us!

Send us your blanks and we will show you how the TS prefeeder handles your blanks.

End-use sectors

variety of blanks

Even irregular-shaped blanks can be processed easily by the TS PREFEEDER. Due to the smart vacuum picker, the blanks are smoothly handled, ensuring top quality of the processed blanks.

Compact and flexible

short and easy change-over

The change-over between blanks takes only a few steps, this makes it possible to change between blanks without loss of feeding-time to the high-speed folder-gluer. You can count on the highest productivity at all times. 



The TS prefeeder is positioned between a die-cutter and the folder-gluer.

TS prefeeder-01.png
straight line box-01.png
double wall box-01.png
auto bottom box-01.png
4 corner box-01.png
6 corner box-01.png

and many other irregular shapes

Challenge us with your blanks,

send them for testing.

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