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Pump station

This pump station was built for the drainage of the tunnel and the square under the balcony roundabout at the railway station in Bruges. The pump station can pump up to 75 l/s of water using 3 pump units connected in parallel. In addition, an underground waiting basin of 1000m³ will buffer in case of storms or overload of the downstream water network.

Availability of the installation is essential here. This is guaranteed by a classic contractor emergency switching supplemented by a PLC control that complements further functionality. In addition to this redundant implementation, there is a communication with the control room of the agency roads and traffic to monitor the situation in real time. This allows any defects to be detected and resolved early before critical situations arise. If the mains voltage should fail, an emergency generator will supply the power supply. If all this is not sufficiently proven, there are alternative suction lines for mobile pumping stations. For maintenance purposes, the number of pump-starts is logged and the pumps are switched on alternately. Discordance detection to level and sequential switching guarantees reliable level detection in the waiting basin. Thanks to this extremely reliable installation, commuters can reach the train platform without any worries.

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