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Robot welding track

After 30 years of experience in intralogistic solutions, we have noticed that the demand from the market for a total solution is growing all the time. This especially in end-of-line handling and palletisation. A recurring technology in these applications is robotics that has been successfully applied in these and other applications for years. Today, Gebroeders DOMS are taking the first steps to integrate this technology under their own management. Here in Fanuc we found an innovative partner with a similar philosophy and 60 years of experience in the field. As an official "Fanuc Integrator" we can guide you through this alliance in your robotics applications.

Gebroeders DOMS have chosen to integrate a FANUC robot into their own production as a pilot project. This robot is used in our own production to offer series work at a competitive price. The aim of this integration was to familiarise the engineering team of Gebroeders DOMS with robot integration in a risk-free environment. The cell consists of a Fanuc 120iC-Arc-mate robot and Fronius M4000i synergistic welding source equipped with an RCU5000 controller that manages and logs welding parameters. Manipulation of the parts is done by a 2-axis positioning table. Reliability of the welding equipment is provided by a fully automatic torch cleaner. Maximum protection is guaranteed by a force-sensor that monitors forces on the end-effector. This in turn is controlled by an S7-1200 PLC. Which is responsible for the operator interface. Communication between Robot and PLC takes place via the master-slave principle of the Profibus protocol.

Because Gebroeders DOMS is convinced of the importance of a strong technical education, we would like to play a supporting role here. That's why we decided to launch a batchelor thesis. The assignment was to increase the capacity of the production cell. The approach was the design and realisation of a robot track. This would provide the robot with an extra 12 meter long shaft. This modular structure consists of segments. Two students at the Artesis-Plantijn college, Duane Frühschulz and Tom Van Gansen took up this challenge.

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