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Conveying, the backbone of material handling

Transport systems are the backbone of any material handling system.

We like to combine our expertise with your product knowledge in order to achieve the most efficient transport system.​


We start with your practical question regarding production capacity, cost, and efficiency. Our engineers design each element to measure and take maximum account of the properties of your product. Whether it's car parts, oil drums, clay, bottles, raw sugar, ice creams, luggage, ... Because our transport solution must perfectly match the dimensions and characteristics of your products and seamlessly connect to the machines or robotics in your production cells. This is not only cost-effective but also pleasant for your employees.


RoboPAL introduces a truly modular cell design. This provides you the building blocks to create your own tailor-fit robotic palletizing cell fit for your application. 


Tailored engineering

Our standard to your needs

Our standard is manufactured to your facility and your industry-needs. From tailor-made engineering up to the electrical, mechanical and software afterlife,

our team designs the right solution for you. 

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