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Point cloud computing

To accurately digitalise and quantify the environment where your installation will be placed, we perform a 3D scan of the accommodation with the use of range imaging.

placing an in-feed conveyor in an existing productionplant

By setting up a specialised 3D laser scanner, we obtain a set of data points in space representing the external surfaces around the scanner. This process is repeated at several positions to collect and register an ample amount of different data point sets. Compared to manually measuring and drafting all of the location’s surroundings, this efficient technique is significantly faster whilst being more precise as well. Especially with unconventional and complex shapes, the time-saving aspect of the rapidly evolving laser scanner technology has the edge over conventional approaches. Within potentially dangerous areas, such as toxic or nuclear settings, having a safe way to contactlessly map the atmosphere is unquestionably advantageous.

When the various measurement are completed, appropriate software analyses and joins the point clouds constructing a polygon mesh through point set registration or scan matching. With this analysis, the entire industrial environment outline can be visualised correctly, allowing the usage of collision detection between the brand-new installation and the existing scenery and producing lifelike renders of your project. Our 3D CAD software Autodesk Inventor is capable of interpreting and processing this landscape, offering our mechanical engineers the opportunity to take it into account when designing your solution.

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