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The mechanical, electrical and software components are completely designed and built in-house. This allows us to come to technically innovative solutions within civil infrastructures, industrial automation and supply.

Our solutions for your facility

Each product is scalable and can be configured for low, mid, or high rate applications and are appropriate for small, medium, and large companies doing business in a variety of market sectors.


The RoboPAL system is designed to fulfil industry requirements. A standardized modular soft- and hardware platform based upon experience. This know-how brings a solution rather than engineering challenges to your production facility.

By installing the robot on a track, the working area is expanded. So more pallet positions or work range for your robots. 

With the Automated Guided Vehicle DROID we manufacture solutions ranging from a single vehicle to integrated multi-AGV systems. 

This adaptable intralogistics brings flexibility to your factory layout.

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Seeking that competitive edge in pallet logistics? With CONVEY we developed our own standard. Using our full experience your factory layout will become a clear and streamlined process.

Helix is faster and more reliable than any elevator or lifts and requires less floor space than conventional conveyors Our modular design allows customization of the in- and outfeed.

Products specifically for the printing industry

A new way of feeding developed for the cardboard industry.

The new TS PREFEEDER accomplishes many jobs in one go: 

vacuum controlled blank separating, smooth 180° blank turning and pressureless feeding.

After the blanks run through the folder-gluer the batch separator stacks the blanks into consistent batches with the same amount of blanks.

Consulting your company to the right solution

Joris Doms

teamleader Business Development


Siemens OEM Partner - Belgium

Siemens Gebroeders DOMS original equipment manufacturer

We are proud to announce the Siemens Original Equipment Manufacturer partnership!

For many years we are using Siemens solutions to develop advanced installations.
With the OEM Partnership, we acknowledge each other for mutual appreciation, trust and excellent cooperation!


  • Droid

    These Droids will be transporting drums in a warehouse. With more than 200 pick ...

  • Vertical pallet conveyor

    For an efficient implementation we chose to build up the palletlift in modules measured to fit shipping containers. This made transport easy and ...

  • Palletizing of bags

    With the robot palletizing cell we provide a flexible and efficient solution for the end-of-line palletizing of bags. ...

  • Containers for radioactive waste

    The 1m³ containers are produced in a series of 150 pieces. These are used for the transport and storage of lowlevel radioactive waste pending processing. ...

  • Palletizing of cardboard boxes

    With the robot palletizing cell we provide a flexible and efficient solution for the end-of-line palletizing of cardboard boxes in the graphics industry. ...

  • Pump station

    This pump station was built for the drainage of the tunnel and the area underneath the balcony-roundabout at the station in Bruges. ...

  • Metal spools

    They are used to replace the wire and cables of the overhead lines of the railway network. ...

  • Palletizing of cardboard boxes

    With the robot palletizing cell we provide a flexible and efficient solution for the end-of-line palletizing of cardboard boxes in the graphics industry. ...

  • Coin lifts

    For the supply and transport of coins to the catching machines, counting machines and scoring presses, we developed 7 coin lifts in 3 different versions. ...

  • Pallet conveying with wrapping station

    To guarantee the stability of loads, they are wrapped with foil by an arm wrapper. The logistics under the wrapper buffers pallets so that the wrapping machine can work continuously. ...

  • Robot welding track

    This robot is used in our own production to offer serial work at a competitive price. ....

  • Tunnel fire-proofing system

    The tunnel fire-proofing system was used for the construction of the footpaths and the railway concrete pouring in the tunnel. ...

  • Platecleaner

    The platecleaner is specifically designed for one of the largest machine manufacturers and service providers in the graphics industry. ...

  • Drum conveying with lockout station

    The transportation of filled drums to an existing drum decanter unit where they are emptied. ...

  • 80° drum-turner

    The 180° drum-turner is designed to safely and efficiently turn full drums 180° ...

  • 70-ton shunting wagon

    The 70-ton shunting wagon is a machine to move railway equipment in the workshop from and to 15 different maintenance lines. ...

  • Automatic loading of autoclaves

    To extend the preservation of food products, they are often sterilized in an autoclave. The food, here filled in jars of 200 to 400ml, are placed in crates before they can be loaded into the autoclave. ...

  • Vertical pallet conveyor

    The vertical pallet conveyor is an important part in the distribution of spare parts for fighter planes and helicopters. ...

  • Automated warehouse

    A robot palletizing cell to collect and retrieve parts in and out of the automatic warehouse. ...


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